Do you offer parking? We do not offer parking on site. But, there is a parking garage next door to the club, also a parking garage on the corner of 15 th & Sansom.

Do you have an age limit? We do not, we accept all ages!

What is the dress code? Casual, No tank tops or flip flops

Do you serve food during the show? We offer our dinner menu during and before the show begins.

How do dinner and show reservations work? There are different time slots available for dinner reservations before the show begins and also General Admission for you to arrive 10-15 min before the show begins. The general admission is still considered your reservation.

How many tickets can you purchase online at one time? The maximum is 6 tickets.

How does seating work? We seat on a first come first serve based on the date when you made your reservation.

Do you stay in the same seat for dinner and the show? Yes, once you arrive you will be having dinner and enjoying the music in the same seat.

Is there a table minimum? Yes, there is a $10 table minimum per person.

Do you have to have dinner? No, we don’t require you to have dinner, but like stated above there is a table minimum per person.

Why do you charge a cover? All the proceeds from the cover charges go straight to the band.

If I come on a weekend, and there are two sets, can I stay for both? Yes, you may stay for both sets, but you will have to pay both covers.

How long do the sets last? Monday through Thursday our sets run for 60 mins. Fridays and Saturdays, they run for 75 mins.

Do you have a corkage fee? Yes, our corkage fee is $35.

Do you offer a student discount? Yes, With a valid student ID, Monday through Thursday, excluding special events.

*There is a limited amount of seating available for performances, if the show is sold out online, contact us at 215-568- 3131 for seating availability.