​Vocalist, Nancy Kelly & her band

Sat, Aug 12, 2017

​Vocalist, Nancy Kelly & her band

Nancy Kelly

The Real Deal

Nancy’s live performances are legendary. She has earned many awards and enlisted

fans from around the globe. In a market place where wispy voices and shallow


abound, Ms. Kelly is a breath of fresh air...or should we say, smoky air; she

takes us back to the time when jazz

and that includes vocal jazz


was an authentic

expression of real emotion.

Kelly’s refined stage presence, style, and the ability

to quickly capture the emotions of

her audience isn’t the only thing that places Nancy in a league of her own


the lady

was “Born to Swing”, and she means business.

Nancy Kelly’s vocal style is a study in phrasing, style and swing. She’s both old

school and new. She’s experienced, yet her delivery and ideas are fresh. She can take

a song and turn it up or down, and leave you believing that it was meant to be exactly

that way. It takes great jazz chops to do that, and Kelly’s are superb.

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