We're back! Live jazz Wednesday through Saturday.

Open for happy hour starting at 4 p.m. Weekend shows are both LIVE & ONLINE!
Check our schedule of upcoming shows for details.

Upcoming Live Shows
Scott Edmunds Trio
October 27
Saxophonist Lynn Riley & Her Group
October 28
Guitarist Ben Turner & His Band
October 29
Saxophonist Dylan Band and his Trio
October 29 - November 26
Saxophonist Don Braden w/ Vocalist Triniece Robinson w/ the Webb Thomas Trio
October 30
Pianist James Santangelo & HIs Trio Host the Jazz Jam
October 30 - November 27
The University of The Arts Directors Ensemble
November 02
Peter Frank Orchestra
November 04
Support Chris' Jazz Cafe

Support Chris' Jazz Cafe

Please consider donating to Chris' Jazz Cafe's GoFundMe page.

100% of the donations will go to the artists who perform on our stage and to the engineers who make the livestream magic happen.

GoFundMe Link https://bit.ly/3qqemvb

Chris' Jazz Cafe produces over 500 live shows a year.
We are a full service venue open to all ages for most shows.