Professional Studio Services

MoMomma Media is now offering professional streaming and recording services at Chris’ Jazz Cafe to support the needs of budding artists and professional musicians. Our brand-new recording studio is equipped with state-of-the-art audio & video features including:

  • 6 PTZ cameras for controlled and dynamic shots
  • A scalable multitrack recording system to accommodate smaller bands to ones requiring high channel counts via Dante
  • All in-house events are led by our master engineers and production managers. With degrees in Broadcasting, Telecommunications and Mass Media from Temple University and more than a decade of experience in studios and venues domestically and abroad, our production department will create the perfect product.
  • Our unique streaming ability in this professional space will make all the difference for your online presence.


Audio Recordings starting at $50/hr 2 hours minimum
Audio & Video $100/hr 2 hours minimum
Live stream your show! $700 for 4 hours
Post-production starting at $60/hr


  • We can record your performance/session with highly polished live mixes with up to several redundant multitrack recordings simultaneously
  • Set up your Master Class to reach a larger audience.
  • Your audition video will have the professional touch on our fully dressed stage.
  • Rehearsal space able to accommodate big bands with plexi-partitions available. Get the experience of playing on a fully equipped stage with all gear provided and onsite technicians to assist and guide your production.
  • Live streaming ability – want to stream your event? We can help monetize your production.
  • We offer in house catering, outside food and beverage not permitted. We can provide drinks and light snacks to a full dinner depending on your needs. Our chef is highly skilled to accommodate dietary needs and will gladly serve vegan, gluten-free, nut-free or any other dietary request.


Our space and all equipment is fully sanitized after every use and our staff follow protocols to ensure the comfort and safety of all staff and musicians. We can provide 5 ½ ft plexi-partitions to safely space your band and accommodate singers and horns. Our bathrooms offer touchless sinks and towel dispensers. The staff is fully compliant with DOH codes.

Email us at with your project information!